San Francisco for the AAOS

Last week, I drove up to San Francisco to drop off the Living Orthopaedic Tree at the Moscone West Convention Center. I spent the rest of Monday visiting Golden Gate Park and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. The AAOS was a busy place. Tuesday was spent in the Practice Management…

Loma Linda Hills

This afternoon, we had a nice leisurely hike in the south hills of Loma Linda. Then, we relaxed at Hulda Crooks Park.

Chinese New Year 2008

Today is Chinese New Year! The 12-year cycle starts today, beginning with the year of the Rat—year number 4706, according to the traditional reckoning. The main celebratory act today was the installation of the two stone lions. The whole process was quite complicated. It was only accomplished through much maneuvering…

Red Sky on New Year’s Day

The sky on this day was amazing. After being partly cloudy in the afternoon, the sky gradually turned a bright intense crimson just around the time of sunset.

Making Arrows

With my recently completed reflex deflex bow, I decided to make a set of arrows. For these, I used Port Orford cedar, cut them to the right length to match the bow weight, and attached target points. Fletching was time consuming but easier than expected.  

Joshua Tree Geminid Showers

Last night, we went out to Joshua Tree National Park to see the Geminid meteor showers. Although it was several hours past it’s peak, we saw many brilliant ones flying across the sky. Upon arrival, we drove through Hidden Valley Campground and accidentally occupied someone else’s site. We relocated to…

San Gorgonio Dayhike

This hike up San Gorgonio started early in the morning. Along were Rob, Seth, Corey, Juliana, as well as a desert bighorn sheep seen near the summit.

Chinese Church at 25 Years

Loma Linda Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated 25th anniversary. The morning service was filled with with music. A gourmet Chinese banquet with a dinner performance program finished off the evening.

Catalina Day Trip

We left very early to make it to the ferry for Catalina Island. On the way out there, a pod of dolphins swim about a stone’s throw from our boat. A glass bottom boat tour allows us to see some of the ocean life. Part of the excursion also included…

Clinic Halloween

The clinic staff dressed up for Halloween again this year. I’m not sure what the theme was, but Sam came as what looks like a big chicken or bird. Anyways, the brain packed in ice served with surgical instruments was a sensation.

Hangzhou and Beijing

This nearly two-week-long trip started in Hangzhou, where I got to see a lot of old friends at the church. Dr. Shi Peihua took us to Shaoxing for a snack at XianHeng Restaurant and also Qiandao Hu for day trip. My dad lodged a fish bone while having the famous…

Reflex Deflex Bow

It took about a month, starting September 6. Actually, it has taken much longer to get to this point. I began trying to make a Chinese horn bow, but the inner mulberry wood, harvested from our back yard, and the warped water buffalo horn gave way and the bow delaminated.…

Family Reunion and Getty Center

Everyone came over for a little family reunion time. We first had a simple worship service at home. For lunch, our family got together by the pond. Afterwards, we took an excursion to the Getty Center. Our day concluded with a vegetarian dinner at Happy Family Restaurant.

Dumpling Party

A group from Hangzhou came to visit Loma Linda University, and we invited the group, as well as friends connected with the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, to come over for a dinner of homemade dumplings.

Morning Rabbit Shoot

On my way to work, I spotted this rabbit outside the fence beyond the driveway. I ran back inside, strung up my bow, loaded and arrow, and nailed it.

Courtyard Rabbit Shoot

This rabbit looked like it was having a hard time figuring out how to get out of the courtyard. Being stunned by confusion, it turned out to be an easy target. Within an hour of being shot, ants converged on its eyes.

Ediza and Minaret Lakes

On Thursday, we pack up and head to New Shady Rest Campground just outside the town of Mammoth. For dinner, we have cold soba noodles. The next morning, we shuttle to the Agnew Meadow trailhead and begin our hike. Our semi-loop trip takes us around Shadow Lake to Ediza Lake,…

Dr. Reiswig’s Farewell

Today is Dr. Reiswig’s last Indications Conference, and the residents brought in breakfast to commemorate his longtime service in teaching.

North Carolina and Tennessee

The American Orthopaedic Association meeting takes place in Asheville. Between meetings, the Jobes and I visit the Biltmore estate grounds. Over the weekend, I hike about forty miles within Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I first hike out to Charlie’s Bunion along the Appalachian Trail. One major day hike takes…

Zion Narrows

Chad, Kevin, and Armando meet me bright and early on Thursday morning. We load up Armando’s car and head out to Zion National Park and find our site at the Watchman Campground. We inch along the trail’s knife edge through dizzying switchbacks to Angel’s Landing for a panoramic view of…

Jonathan’s Graduation Weekend

Jonathan graduates this weekend. It is like a family reunion. The weekend starts with the Friday night hooding ceremony. As usual, commencement is festive. We have the post-graduation party at the patio just above the soon-to-be pond.

Bamboo Shoot Party

It’s now bamboo shoot season. From the way it looks, this is probably golden bamboo, Phyllostachys aurea. After picking, slicing, peeling, and blanching, we made bamboo shoot salad.

New Zealand with Shane

This afternoon, we got back from New Zealand. It was absolutely amazing. Last Monday, March 5, I went to work in the morning and saw some patients in clinic. After that, I quickly ate lunch and went out to REI to get a pair of trail runners and a day…