Leoni Meadows Honor Science Camp

Going to Leoni Meadows was a great way to get out of town and find some peace and quiet among nature. I flew up on Thursday, and after trying to find my way from Sacramento to Grizzly Flats after dark, I made it to the lodge. The next morning, Dr. Nyirady and I presented the School of Medicine’s section for the Honor Science Camp, bringing sawbones and orthopaedic hardware. The students had a great time. Afterwards, I went on a driving tour through El Dorado National Forest and had dinner at the historic Kirkwood Inn. Sabbath was wonderful. After church, there was a baptism in the pool. In the afternoon, Doug Mace and Chris Pappas took the students to the cascades. I went for a little dip and ran back up the trail and raced back for a quick shower before heading to the airport. It was a wonderful weekend.

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