Spring Landscaping

There was a lot of work this year. First, we decided to extend the bridge to the other side, and that involved draining the pond somewhat. Also, for the platform above the vault, I finally got around to drafting the plans and getting the framing underway. Constructing the gazebo took some thinking and planning, but it’s turning out well. Then, I added a small lawn area among the gingko trees with shrubs as well.


  1. Now that Fall and cooler temps are approaching, it is a good time to plant brassicas (Cruciferae). I am hoping to have some seedlings for you at my upcoming appointment (broken wrist, no cast due to CRPS). They are rare forms from Italy. I also have many succulents you are welcome to dig up for your garden, etc. And the huge pot of vetiver….

    I enjoy visiting your website from time to time. I am delighted my adopted town has a polymath of such amazing abilities! I do hope we can exchange garden visits at some point.

    Best wishes,

    Marjory Harris (Cielo Lane)

    • Thanks, Marjory. I don’t consider myself a polymath…but, I do enjoy growing interesting vegetables. Brassicas sound wonderful. I just harvested my last cabbage and cauliflower. A garden exchange visit would be good, maybe in the fall after I get some things in order.

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