Yoho and Icefields Parkway

The leek asparagus quiche that Andy worked on last night, served with breakfast patties on a bed of romaine and topped with fresh salsa, turns out to be amazingly good.

The trip today takes us to Yoho National Park and Icefields Parkway. Enroute, we stop at an overlook to take pictures of aptly-named Castle Mountain.

In Yoho, after a long stretch of construction, our first stop is at the Tunnel Spirals viewpoint. It’s mind-boggling to think about the engineering feet to dig the spiral tunnels.

Even though Takakkaw Falls is closed, probably because of the recent runoff from record snowfall, the Meeting of the Waters turns out to be a highlight. Cloudy water from the Yoho River meet the clearer water of Kicking Horse River. Patchy clouds diffuse the harsh sunlight for a lot of our pictures.

We have grilled vegetable wraps for lunch at the picnic area of Emerald Lake. This place, with the little bridge to a restaurant called Cilantro, is quaint and picturesque.

Icefields Parkway is grand, with towering peaks of the Continental Divide to the west and patches of glaciers along the drive. Bow Lake is still a mosaic of ice. Further along, we stop at the Bow Summit parking lot and hike up the snow-covered drive. From the summit, a short descent brings us to the overlook for Peyto Lake. Apparently, it’s the lake with the best blue tint in the entire Rockies.

That concludes our tour of the Canadian Rockies. From there, we head back to Solara Resort & Spa after stopping by Safeway. We decide to make dinner instead of the original plan of eating out. First, we snack on crackers, brie, pear, and walnuts. Tonight for dinner, it’s rice with mushroom tofu soup, sweet and sour vegetarian chicken, green chili tofu, and garlic spinach mushroom stir-fry.

We’re on vacation, but we can’t get away from our offices. Wired and wireless.

The cloudiness of most the trip cleared, and we glimpse the sunset from our deck. As the sun slips away, the clouds turn a bright orange, silhouetting the layers of mountain peaks.

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