Nature Galleries

My passion is in capturing beautiful places, and some of the most spectacular places are those that are wild and pristine, with the closest road being a day’s hike or more away. The closest wilderness to home is the San Bernardino National Forest, and the Sierra Nevada range begins not too far away and stretches its spine along the length of the state. Other wild places, from nearby beaches to remote mountaintops, inspire me to appreciate the natural landscape of our planet. I have organized the subject into separate categories based on general location.

Banner Peak reflecting in Thousand Island Lake nearing the time of sunset

Sierra Nevada

Saguaro cactus backlit by the setting sun with rays against dark clouds


The Grand Tetons standing just beyond the Snake River from the roadside overlook


A view of the distant mountains layered against the glowing golden sunset

Pacific Northwest

Harris State Beach near the time of sunset, with scattered crags and rocks covered in vegetation basked in golden rays

Pacific Coast

Lake Wakatipu just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand, with snowcapped mountains just beyond the far shore


View from Newfound Gap after sunset with layered mountains


View above the clouds with scattered peaks in the background and a forested ridgeline in the foreground

Other Places

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