Kootenay National Park

This morning, we have tater tots, scrambled eggs, and fruit. Again, it’s more like brunch, rather than breakfast.

Most of the snow melted off during the night. At the entrance to Banff National Park, there are two snowman, looking like what witches might look like when they’re splashed with water.

The Alberta, Canadian, and British Columbia flags greet us at the Continental Divide snaking through Vermilion Pass.

The highlight of the day is at Marble Canyon. Here, glacial runoff carve slots along the limestone walls while we tour from boardwalks above. I spot another golden-mantled ground squirrel; this one is a little more shy than the one we encountered by the Lake Agnes Teahouse.

After lunch at Numa Falls, we drive all the way to Radium Hot Springs. Near the park boundary, there are young bighorn sheep and black bears.

Back at the Solara Resort & Spa, we have noodle soup and perogies for dinner. Andy starts on breakfast for the next morning, and I grill some vegetables for tomorrow’s lunch.

In honour of the carbon neutrality this resort boasts, the parting shot today is of the fake fireplace, which looks surprisingly real, at least in the picture.

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