Gazebo Seat Project

This second of three projects for the year (the first being the cabinet) was dragged out over too many months, but I’m so happy that the gazebo seats overlooking the pond are finally done: the designing, joining, sawing, assembling, painting, and cleaning.

The lumber was a combination of maple for the seat bottom and poplar for the other parts. I made jig patterns for the splats—two different ones: for the corner and the regular sides. Each splat is inset into the seat. Half lap miter joints make up the seat corners, and dowel miters join the top rails. After putting together the seat, splats, and top rails, adding maple stiles provided extra stability.

I wrapped the columns in cedar after routing the radius for each corner joint. Trims and moulding finished off the edges.

It took a few months to get to the final step of painting. After treating the entire construction with wood preservative and letting it dry, the project took the final caulking and painting. Now that the paint has aged a few weeks, I wiped off everything and got a chance to take some pictures of the finished project.

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