Family Vacation: Jackson

Grand Tetons  |  Yellowstone  |  Jackson

Having left Yellowstone National Park, we reenter the Grand Tetons from the north, passing by Jackson Lake before reaching Teton Point Turnout for sunset. Far to the east, storm clouds build; there is a faint rainbow amidst the rain spouts. I think there are more angry clouds beyond the western ridges, since the sunset colors are not what I had hoped for.

Rain arrives in the night, and morning is a wet one. We tour the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and do a scenic drive, staying dry inside our car. At Oxbow Bend, I notice that about a third of the leaves have blown off.

This evening, there is a special Artist Reception at Images of Nature. The place overflows with the crowd, and Thomas Mangelsen plans to unveil a few of his latest photographs. Because this reception will go until 9:00 pm, we decide to get dinner and come back. Local is an amazing restaurant. I’m glad we have a reservation. We try the French onion soup, seared trout, elk medallions, sautéed mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, and crispy Brussel sprouts. Then, we make it back to Mangelsen’s gallery in time for the unveiling.

It’s time to get some rest before heading off to Chicago for another meeting while the rest of the family returns home.

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