Lake Louise and Surroundings

I’m the first to get up. Daylight hours are long here, and although a cloud layer covers the dawn sky, it’s already bright outside. I make coffee and take in some early morning fresh air from our balcony. Everyone sleeps in.

For breakfast this morning, we have omelettes stuffed with onions, diced tomatoes, sliced black olives, and broccoli. There’s also vegetarian Polish sausage for the side.

Last night, the resort staff advised me to take the 1A, or Bow Valley Parkway, to Lake Louise, rather than go on the Trans-Canadian Highway. she said that there’s usually a lot of wildlife along the slower, meandering road. Well, she’s right. Shortly after turning onto 1A after passing Banff, an elk family stop traffic, with everyone getting out of their cars to take pictures. Further along, we meet another lone elk. Then, a roadside grizzly bear feasts on wildflowers and herbs. People who got out of their cars get chased back in by a ranger.

Lake Louise is as touristy as expected. We follow the throng up the Lake Agnes Trail, but we lose the crowd about halfway up the mountain. It starts to rain, and after passing Mirror Lake, fluffy snowflake clusters coat everything. Some of us drenched, we warm up at the Lake Agnes Teahouse and have a light lunch. The trip down is slippery to start with, but the lower level is easier to walk along. Through clearings, we glimpse the emerald blue of Lake Louise. Before leaving, we take a walk through the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Then, we take the spur road to Moraine Lake. Half of the lake is covered in white, and snow blankets the background mountains. This turns out to be a great photo opportunity.

Hungry, we pick up some ingredients for dinner and make Asian-style noodle soup to warm us up.

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