Around Banff

Now, it’s apparent why the resort advertised heated indoor parking. Last night, what was light rain turned into a mild snowstorm, and it’s getting heavier while we have pancakes and French toast for breakfast.

Soon after breakfast, which is more like brunch, we peek outside to see that everything is covered in fresh fluffy blankets.

The first stop today is the Banff Upper Hot Springs, which would end up being a really neat experience. At first, some of us weren’t sure about going in. We get in line, check in, change, and took the plunge. It’s really nice. Then, it starts to snow, and the pace picks up. The lifeguards are bundled in multiple layers while everyone else is soaking in the hot springs.

After the relaxing dip and a simple lunch of hummus vegetable wrap, we ride the gondola up during a whiteout. While the view isn’t as most people would have liked, it was a nice experience as well.

Back in town, the Vermilion Lakes, which are more like marshland, are clear mirrors that reflect Sulphur Mountain and the surrounding peaks. Then, we loop up through Tunnel Mountain and around Two Jack Lake. The day concludes with a drive along Lake Minnewanka.

To start of dinner, Andy makes lime and soy sauce tofu salad, and wonton soup warms us after a wintry day.

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