2014 Match Day

“Congratulations, you have matched!” That’s what every senior medical student wanted to see this week, and indeed, it has been a chaotic week filled with anticipation, hope, and dreams.

This morning, starting with the ceremonial handing out of envelopes, a toast, and a countdown, the graduating class opened their envelopes at 9:00 in the Wong Kerlee International Conference Center. The excitement and joy was palpable.

Our residency, too, did well in the match. I’m pleased to announce the results:

Travis Farmer – East Tennessee State University College of Medicine
Phillip Glivar – University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
Molly Lewis – Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Robert Vercio – Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Peter Wilton – Wayne State University School of Medicine

Collectively, this incoming class of residents boasts an average board score of 255; 27 clinical honors (in Family Medicine, Medicine, Neurology, Ob/Gyn, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery); volunteerism in local community and overseas (in Cambodia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Guatemala, Jamaica, and Mexico); research in pelvic ring injuries, immune response to metal implants, plant physiology, steroid injection in trigger fingers, carpal tunnel anatomy, hyaluronic acid, chondrocyte response to bisphosphonates, and mandibular fracture fixation; work experience as ice sculpture delivery person, pharmacist, columnist and writer, medical scribe, tutor, and teaching assistant; and wide-ranging hobbies, including sports/athletics (swimming, surfing, skiing, soccer, softball, weight lifting), guitar, cooking (we have some real foodies on this group), coffee, and Legos.

Welcome to the incoming group of orthopaedic residents, and congratulations, Class of 2014!

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