Kayak Day Trip in the Black Canyon


Six buddies on a river kayak trip,
Embarking from Hoover Dam with a skip.
Paddling down the mighty Colorado,
Excited for the adventures that lay below.

Stopping at Sauna Cave, their first break,
Hot springs for soaking, sore muscles to shake.
Relaxing and rejuvenating, their spirits renewed,
Ready to face whatever the river threw.

The gale force winds howl, but they brave the storm,
Their determination strong, their bodies warm,
With every paddle, they push ahead,
Braving the elements, no time for dread.

At last, they find a place to rest,
A fire lit to warm their chilled flesh.
Their laughter echoes, their stories flow,
Feeling rejuvenated, they are all set to go.

Onward they paddle, through the turbulent flow,
The river a force, their spirits aglow,
Twelve miles later, they reach Willow Beach,
Proud of the feat, final landing within reach.

Core memories made to last a lifetime,
Of six buddies on a river kayak climb,
Through the Black Canyon to Willow Beach,
The journey a testament to friendship’s reach.

– poem from edited ChatGPT text

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