ABJS Meeting in Seattle

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Wednesday: Arriving in Seattle

This trip’s idea began a year ago, as 2023 has a milestone birthday for me, and Yan will finish all her training and begin work as an attending. Our calendars align the best in July and August.

I started booking everything in the fall. On January 5, Yan and I both got on our computers and hovered on the reservation site, hearts pounding, to snag a spot at Brooks Camp. Our trip’s schedule will have to revolve around that.

Finally, the day has arrived. We leave Ontario and arrive in Seattle on a direct flight. Public transportation on the 1-Line takes us downtown. This is a trial, a practice run for Saturday when we will have to haul everything from here all the way to Vancouver to meet our cruise ship.

After platform gaps and hills and ramps, we arrive at the Fairmont Olympic, check in, get lunch at Mod Pizza (the kids’ favorite place), and walk to Pike’s Market. The kids are tired and not impressed. Macaroons did nothing to lift the mood.

We return to get ready for the Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons Welcome Reception. Jayden is so tired he falls asleep.

Thursday: Tour of Seattle

In the morning, I attend the ABJS scientific session, while the rest of the family escapes to the aquarium. I join them afterward in Target and walk to lunch at Xi’an Noodles in Westlake Center. Daphney and Jayden enjoy the ride on the Seattle Monorail to Seattle Center. We visit Chihuly Garden and Glass. They had seen a glass-blowing demonstration at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, so this tour rounds out their experience.

The best part of the Seattle trip will be the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field. This is where we have the ABJS evening reception. The kids immerse themselves in reading about the planes and exploring the control tower. They both fall asleep on the bus ride back to the hotel.

Friday: Seattle Excursions

I am in the meeting all morning again. The rest of the family goes to the Pacific Science Museum, where they watch the IMAX on butterflies. Afterwards, I take an e-scooter ride to Seattle Center and meet up for lunch at Blue Water Taco.

In the evening, we meet up with friends for a barbecue dinner and take a group picture. The last time we were together, Daphney was 2 months old.


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