Long Lake to Mosquito Flat

Anticipation  |  To Marsh Lake  |  To Long Lake  |  To Mosquito Flat

This is our final day!

The lake is like a polished mirror, and the mountain range stand like a boundary between the water and the sky. The two almost look indistinguishable. The kids stir and wake up. I go out for a photography session and fish while Yan makes oatmeal breakfast.

We clean up, pack up our tents and packs, and head down the trail. The progress is much faster today, being mostly flat or downhill. We quickly pass my favorite spot by Box Lake and make it to Marsh Lake. Here, we stop for an extended snack break.

Daphney and Jayden run down the trail. It is hard to stay ahead of them. They race to see who will spot our car first.

Soon, we see picnic tables.

From across Rock Creek: “Dr. Wongworawat!”

It’s Allen. They did make it to camp and stayed two nights, at the outlet of Heart Lake. We exchange stories. It seems unbelievable that we were a few hundred yards from each other, yet not knowing if the other party had made it as planned. He and his family had a wonderful time. He wants to do this again.

Picnic tables, the toilets, the parking lot, and our car! The kids run there. We wash up and load the car. It’s time to go home.

Our kids had a spectacular time out in the wilderness. “We love backpacking! We want to go again!”

The anticipation for the next trip begins.


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