Moon over the Mountain Pass

This piece from the MeiAn School 梅庵琴派, Moon over the Mountain Pass 關山月, alludes to the poem by Li Bai 李白 with the same title. This recording was made a few hours before the actual full moon, capturing its rise from behind San Bernardino Peak.


My translation:
The bright moon rises behind the heavenly mountains,
Amidst the clouds stretching like the sea.
The wind has come from ten thousand miles,
Beating across the gate at Jade Pass.
The people of Han march down Baideng Way,
The troops of Hu peer across Qinghai Bay.
From all those battlegrounds,
Not always does one return.
The garrison surmises the border,
With bitter pain, thinking of return.
In the upper chambers, tonight,
With sighs, can there yet be rest?

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