Sawtooth Ridge Loop

View of Sawtooth Ridge from Mule PassA week ago Thursday, we head up to Bridgeport. Although the invitation had gone out to so many people, only Lynette and Jessica managed to RSVP.

At the beginning of the trip, just a few steps into it, Jessica’s backpack strap fell apart. We patched it up with a needle and some dental floss. It held up for the whole trip.

This big loop took us through the northeast corner of Yosemite National Park, traversing Kerrick Meadow to Benson Lake and the Matterhorn Canyon. During the ascent to Burro Pass, we took shelter under the tent’s rainfly during a sleet storm. The next day, at Mule Pass, we had the most spectacular view of the Sawtooth Ridge. The way down passed Slide Mountain was beautiful, and we took a short spur hike to Rock Island Pass.

We completed the loop and exited via Barney Lake and Annette’s Mono Village.

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