Four Passes Loop

2005-08-07-144556-IMG_0275 (1)Last week on Thursday, Sid and I left for Snowmass—for the Musculoskeletal Infection Society (MSIS) meeting. We had lunch on a rainy day at the Quiznos in downtown Denver. It was funny that Sid remembered that the last time we ate together was also at a Quiznos, the one in Loma Linda.

On Friday, the meeting was great. Sid presented his research well.

The next day, Sabbath morning, we embarked on the Four Passes Loop from Maroon Lake. We did West Maroon and Frigid Air Passes. That was very difficult. We arrived safely to our campsite above Fravert Basin, and it was cold.

The next day across Trail Rider Pass to Snowmass Lake was also tough. The lake was beautiful. That evening, we sat by the lake until after sunset.

On Monday, after summiting Buckskin Pass, the descent was awful. My knees still hurt. At trail’s end, we both felt a moment of true accomplishment. On Tuesday, we returned via with a small detour to Breckenridge and drove through Rocky Mountain National Park.

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