Mammoth to Thousand Island and Garnet Lakes

On Friday last week, we headed up to Mammoth Lakes. We stayed the first night at the Pine Glen group campsite number 7.

The next morning, we set out from Agnew Meadow. Our group consisted of me, Sean, Sean’s mom and aunt—Nancy and Deborah, Kevin, Ryan, Brad, and Armando. The hike to Thousand Island Lake was beautiful. The lake itself was mostly frozen. We camped at the same spot as we did last year.

The next morning, the lake partially froze over. The golden glow of the sun perfectly illuminated Banner Peak. It was awesome. We spent a very treacherous day hiking and route-finding our way across to Shadow Creek via Garnet Lake and the two mountain passes along the way. This was by far the most technical route-finding I’ve had to do. The ice and snow fields were overwhelming. While skirting Garnet Lake, Nancy almost fell in. Anyhow, we safely made it to the outlet of Ediza Lake. Snow banks surrounded the entire lake. Unable to camp here, we hiked down to find a small trail-side grassy flat, which made a perfect campsite, with a nearby creek and a ready fire pit.

On Monday morning, most of the group hiked out along Shadow Creek drainage. Brad, Armando, and I continued past Rosalie and Gladys Lakes and the Trinity Lakes chain. We settled at Johnson Meadow, which was a very pretty spot with a quiet stream. We made camp right at the trail junction. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes here were vicious. I took a long nap before getting up to make dinner.

We got up early on Tuesday and hiked out. We ate breakfast at the Breakfast Club. My spinach feta cheese omelette was amazing. After leaving the town, we arrived in Redlands at 3:00 pm. Brad was determined to drive back to Phoenix to make it there for the Fourth of July fireworks. I think he is still quite upset about the dropped camera that he borrowed from his dad.

Anyways, it’s good to be home.

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