Black Canyon Downstream

We just got back from kayaking the Black Canyon. It was with Alice, Wing, Alvina, Rosebud, and Ryan. Laisum and Jayce canceled because they were sick.

This time, we started from Hoover Dam and visited some of the points of interest further upstream. The sauna cave was nice, but I especially enjoyed the hot shower at Gold Strike Hot Springs, which was just a little downstream from the cave.

We made it to Arizona Hot Springs that evening and spent the night at White Rocks Beach. The weather was beautiful the whole time.

Today, we worked hard to do the eight miles. Although it was downstream, the wind was against us. Wing was the only one with a watch, which was set one hour later. So instead of reaching our destination at what we thought was 2:55, we got there at 3:55. The guy was expecting us at 3:30. Anyways, everything went nicely. We made it home safely after such a rewarding trip with good company.

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