Bagging San Bernardino Peak

It started from a Facebook invitation, where I basically invited everyone who I thought would be interested in going.

We all met in the Allen Way cul-de-sac just before 6:00 this morning and drove to the parking lot. There were orthopaedic residents, Ben, Mark with Sarah, and Lucas; medical students, Chris, Andrew, Charlie, Bjorn, and Matt; and an engineer, Mike.

The hike began at 6:50. We saw sunrise from behind the ridge line and trees, and shortly after, we ascend slopes of manzanita bushes. Ben develop a blister early in the hike. Along the way, I was worried about the water situation, but luckily, Limber Pine Springs was a decent trickle.

At 11:40, we reached the false summit at the overlook, but by this time, fog had rolled in and we were shrouded in the clouds. Soon thereafter, we arrived at the Colonel Washington Monument and learned about the survey of Southern California. The hike to the actual summit took another half hour. We had another meal there, and a few of us took naps.

The cloud cover and downpour refreshed all of us on the way down. I think hiking poles made a difference in preventing iliotibial band syndrome like the last time on the San Gorgonio hike.

What a blessed day, with beautiful scenery, bright sunrise, blue sky, rolling clouds, cold rain, wholesome exercise, and great company.

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