Leoni Meadows and San Antonio

This past week involved a lot of traveling. Instead of lugging around my dSLR, I decided to use my iPad. It generally took good pictures, but the dynamic range seems much lower than I’d like.

I left Tuesday afternoon, after surgeries, and flew to Sacramento. From there, I rented a car and drove to Leoni Meadows. It was nearly 11:00 pm by the time I arrived, but I found my way there with no problems, since I did the same drive about a year ago for the Honor Science Camp. Kim and Frank Godfrey greeted me and gave me fresh fruit.

The crisp mountain air was refreshing. I enjoyed breakfast and then went to take part in the Medical/Dental Retreat. Anees gave a very interesting talk about the heart, discussing heart disease, valve problems, and other topics. I talked about hand pain. Our class of ’96 was well represented. After lunch, Frank took me around to tour the place and experience the new zip line and go-karts. Because I had to fly to San Antonio early the next morning, I headed back down to Sacramento, where I could stay near the airport.

Back in Sacramento, I had dinner with Karl, who just moved up there to start residency in Pediatrics. Then, I met up with Alan and Kai (博瀚) at UC Davis. I got connected to guqin master Lui PuiYuen through Alan, who was his former student. Kai played me Guang Ling San (廣陵散), and Alan played Chun Si (春思).

The next morning, I got up early and left at 4:00 am. In San Antonio, I joined the planning session of the Musculoskeletal Infection Society. Boris, who had trained in Pittsburgh and was at Loma Linda last week to give grand rounds on diversity, joined Nalini and me after dinner.

The main meeting was on Friday. The guest speaker, Rob Dunn, spoke about bacterial biodiversity on the human body. Adam missed his connection but arrived in time to present his paper. Arvind put together an excellent program for this year’s meeting.

This morning, I took a brief walk to the Alamo before heading to the airport. Both flights were delayed, but it’s nice to finally be back.

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