Lavender Festival with Bridesmaids

It’s now a little over a month since our lavender-colored wedding. With the Highland Springs Resort putting together a party in celebration of lavender, this is the perfect time to get together with the bridesmaids once again. The day is sweltering, but once under the shade at the Lavender Festival, things are much more bearable.

Our visit starts with tours of the small workshop cottages, where they feature things like tea, skin care products, and pillows. Then, there are lunch selections with lavender-infused balsamic vinegar and oils. There is also an extraction demonstration, which turns out to be more of a lecture from the scientist in residence. An aroma tells us why we have to use the organic version of the essential oils.

At the end, we cool off with lavender ice cream while listening to live Celtic music under the towering cedar trees.

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