Church at MeiLiZhou

The MeiLiZhou Church is beautiful. After all, the name means “beautiful isle.” Sleek modern lines make up the contemporary campus, and stark natural maple decorate the inside. Engraved Ten Commandments hang on the front wall, illuminated by sunlight streaming in from the windows.

Located as part of a resort, the church lies an hour away from Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. Feng JinE took us there. The young preacher gave a meaningful sermon about the Lord’s Prayer.

From church, we had lunch and then visited the Liang Zhu museum. Here, archeologists discovered a primitive civilization, dating to the dawn of Chinese culture. Some of the early written characters, societal organization, and obsession with jade have made their way through history.

Traffic was really bad on the way back, and we finished the evening off along the night markets of Hefang Street.

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