Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital 7th Academic Week

Having arrived in Hangzhou on the high speed train Wednesday afternoon, which was delayed by a few minutes, Drs. Cai Hongxin and Liu Chao picked me up at the station and got me situated at the Foreigners’ Residence. My parents arrived from Hong Kong and joined us at the warm welcome reception hosted by the Orthopaedics Department.

Before morning report and rounds yesterday, I went for a run. It had been many days since my last exercise opportunity, and this morning’s was invigorating. There weren’t too many cars, and the trip to and from the Qiantang River in the brisk morning air traversed about three miles.

Trying to get an elevator is entering a war zone where one shoves through the crowd to squeeze oneself in. At the last resort, I asked security, and he directed me to the back elevator.

Morning report went quickly, and I made rounds with Dr. Shi Peihua. In the afternoon, we did a proximal humerus hemiarthroplasty for fracture treatment in a ninety-year-old female with severe comminution and osteoporosis.

Drs. He Chao and Li Hong, together with Sherry Sun, took us to the beautiful New Pavilion Restaurant 新亭子 inset along the shore of Xiang Lake. The old style courtyard house overlooking the waters created a serene atmosphere for dinner and conversation.

Academic Week here at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital began this morning. The main topic was shoulder arthroscopy. It was good to see Dr. Mike Coen again, having to travel around the world to China to meet him. He talked about Bankart repairs and also on ACL reconstruction. Dr. Gary Botimer discussed computer navigated knee replacements and minimally invasive hip reconstruction. I gave a talk on rotator cuff repair, one on capsular release, and finished off with a video demonstration.

The rooftop garden atop Tower 3 was the perfect setting for dinner. Dr. Chao gave an inspiring overview of the hospital, with a little history and how SRRSH has now become the leading hospital in China for many aspects of hospital administration. As night fell, the city lights illuminated the landscape. Cars lined the highways, and the light cloud cover diffused the lights upward into the dark sky, contrasted by the crescent moon.

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