Inscribing the guqin

When I started this guqin project in February, I had no idea it would have taken this long. If I did, I most likely would have not embarked on it.

For much of last week, I took a break from working on the instruments, since I was in San Diego at the American Orthopaedic Association and the Council of Orthopaedic Residency Directors. The meeting was at a nice location—Hotel del Coronado, and I enjoyed some of the discussion on interesting topics.

Having had time to work on the luoxia guqin yesterday, I finished carving all the inscriptions on it and applied the final coat of finish. After some drying time, I will complete it by doing the final sanding. The pegs are done, and the only task left is to make tuning cords out of silk thread. Then, I can install strings and finally hear how it sounds.

Once that’s done, I still have to carve the jiaoye guqin inscriptions.

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