Full Circle

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The original plan was to tour the Snæfellsnes Peninsula today, but since we had extra time yesterday to visit the area, we are left with a more relaxed day.


Our first stop is in Borgarnes, at The Settlement Center. This multimedia exhibit opens our eyes to how Iceland was settled in her early days. We learn about how the Viking sailors left Norway and braved the open ocean to arrive and thrive in Iceland. The second exhibit chronicles Egil’s saga, detailing his family’s arrival, settlement, and turmoil.

Chinese Food

From here, we head to Reykjavík for lunch. In our sights is Chinese food. We have been craving vegetables for days. The Icelandic restaurants seem more fish- and meat-forward, and we miss eating fresh greens. We arrive in downtown and head straight to Shanghai Restaurant. It isn’t hard for us to quickly order: Napa cabbage soup, stir-fried broccoli, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and a tofu dish. These dishes really hit the spot.


Our last night’s stay is at Hotel Berg. I had figured that staying near the airport will be more convenient. This hotel in Keflavík is modern, clean, comfortable, and only a few minutes from the terminals. We unpack and organize our luggage—laundry goes into one suitcase and clean clothes into another.

The Blue Lagoon

The final treat in this Iceland trip is the Blue Lagoon. We purposely put it last on the itinerary. It is to be a send-off present for us. Driving into this destination, the milky-blue pools beside the road draw our attention. We’ve been looking forward to this experience. After dinner, Yan and Daphney go first while I watch Jayden. They prohibit children younger than two years because of skin sensitivity reasons. We later learn that it’s probably because sea water feeds the lagoon after being discharged from the local geothermal power plant, and the high salinity is irritating to baby skin.

After the girls, I go in for a quick soak. I try the silica mud bath. Later, I would learn that the mud is a byproduct of the power plant, where precipitated silica is harvest and sold for this purpose. I would also learn, while clearing old emails, that the Lagoon had recommended that patrons apply conditioner to hair and leaving it on before getting into the water. Daphney’s hair feels ruined. We wash and apply conditioner. It helps, but not enough.

Planned Full Circle

This final morning, we pack up for the airport. I drop Yan and the kids off at the terminal while I return the rental car. Getting the car back safely always feels like a relief.

Full circle around Iceland, we have traveled 2543 km (1580 miles). As part of our ambitious plan with two young kids, we’ve stayed at hotels, in a backcountry hut, and in our tent. Going on this kind of trip is ambitious in its own way, but bringing along two kids multiplies the complexities and logistics. What I learned from this trip is that a little planning goes a long ways to make ambitions come true.

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