Thanksgiving Reunion

Relatives came into town several days ago to join us for Thanksgiving. My aunts and uncles—Julia and Wilmer and Nipa and Vincent—arrived from Smith River in the northwesternmost corner of California. Uncle Joe and his family, being local, drove over today, as did my cousins who could make it.

My morning, though, started in a really lazy way. I had a late breakfast, and afterwards, my dad and I spent some time doing stuff in the yard. After all, it’s fall planting season. We had gotten a lot more trees from the nursery in anticipation for this weekend’s planting activities.

The late lunch and dinner sort of flowed together. There wasn’t one real food theme, but the menu was more like a jumble of all sorts of comfort food. It was good to have everyone over, eating too much, and then napping too long. Now, the girls are off shopping—maybe until tomorrow afternoon.

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