Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Delegation

Loma Linda University’s affiliate, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, sent an administrative delegation to visit last week. Our family has hosted dinners for some of the groups that have visited from Hangzhou: making dumplings in the courtyard, Thanksgiving of 2007 and 2013, buffet dinner, and another administrative delegation dinner.

On this occasion, Dr. Liu led this delegation group on a week-long tour of our teaching facility.

Delegation members:

  • LIU Limin, MD – Party Secretary and Vice President (head of the delegation)
  • HUA Xudong, Vice Director – Administrative Office
  • ZHANG Ming – Financial Manager
  • CAI Bin, MD – Director of Quality Management
  • DING Yong, MD – Chief, Medical Affairs Dept. & Anesthesiologist
  • WU Jin – Electrical Engineer, Infrastructure Section
  • MAO Jianmin – Asst. Director- Infrastructure Section
  • WANG Jin, Director – Center for International Collaboration
  • CHENG Zhen, RN – International Service Clinic

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