Flat Max in the OR

Yesterday, I got a letter from my friend, Max, who sent himself in a flat form to spend some vacation time in California. His mom, Sarah, had called me last week and told me to expect the package in the mail, since this is part of Max’s school project. The kids had just finished reading Flat Stanley, and now, it’s their turn to travel in a flattened state.

So, I brought Max with me to the operating room. He got a front row seat to watch all the surgeries. And, he had a good time with the nurses. Being carried around on an IV pole part of the time, he spent most of the day with the best view of what was happening. We even put a cast on his right leg so he could feel what it was like to be all bandaged up.

There will be more trips to look forward to before he has to go back to Arizona.

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