Visiting Sequoia National Park

Last time we were up this way, an early winter storm thwarted our visit to the giant sequoia trees. The road was open up just beyond Sequoia National Park’s Foothill Visitor Center. This time, it’s the novel coronavirus that nearly caused this trip to be cancelled. We had originally scheduled it for earlier in the month, but thankfully, we had moved it to this weekend. The opening of the Wuksachi Lodge and other areas would coincide with our arrival.

The first night, we spend a lazy hot afternoon by the banks of the Kaweah River at the private Sequoia Campground. Other guests float down the river, and Jayden points to them: “鸭子鸭子!” He thinks they are ducks.

With coronavirus changing the way we do things, instead of traveling to Philadelphia for a meeting, I am able to this from our campsite at Three Rivers. I get up early to join an editorial board Zoom meeting while the family wakes up on a lazy weekend.

Visiting General Sherman Tree turns out to be more challenging that I had expected. Yan had wanted to bring the stroller, but I insisted that the kids get some exercise by walking. Now, it is us parents that are getting the bulk of the exercise, carrying them most of the way, down and back up the trail.

After spending the middle night at Wuksachi Lodge, we drive into Kings Canyon and hang out by the South Fork of the Kings River. Here, I catch nothing with my fly rod setup; the fish are too smart.

Camping at beautiful Princess Campground is a real treat. Daphney loves having a roaring campfire. As the sky darkens, the Milky Way emerges above the low ridge on the other side of the meadow. We finish our trip with oatmeal and strawberries.

On the way back, Daphney craves for more. “When are we going to Joshua Tree again?”

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