Lake Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness

The trip up to Tahoe was really long. Joe Bowen drove very slowly and carefully. Sometimes, it was painful. Anyhow, we got to the Resort at Squaw Creek and made it to the first dinner for the Musculoskeletal Infection Society. I served as President this year.

On Sabbath morning, we left and headed to Eagle Falls campground, where we parked. Joe had to go get an overnight parking permit while we waited. Anyhow, we made it for the 11:00 shuttle bus to Meeks Bay where our hike began. After an initial stretch of flat trail, the terrain became an incline. We soon reached Lake Genevieve, which was the first lake. Joe and Jon decided to go swimming. I went further to our campsite at Crag Lake. Dave and I found a very nice spot. Soon, Joe and Jon arrived and decided to go scale this peak that towers above the lake. They almost made it to the top. After they returned, we made dinner, which was the regular French onion soup and spinach ricotta tortellini. It was good. We then enjoyed some cider and chocolate and were soon asleep.

I got up early the next morning and took a bunch of pictures of the Crag Lake outlet. It was beautiful. We didn’t hit the trail until after 10:00 am. We took a lot of breaks on the way up to Phipps Pass. It was nice to get cell reception from near the top. Lake Tahoe also was visible from this high vantage point. We quickly made it down to Middle Velma Lake, where we found a perfect little lakefront campsite. Joe, Jon, and Dave swam to an island. I tried, but being blind without my glasses, I got in a panic attack and had to swim back to shore. We had black bean soup, corn tortillas, vegetarian chili, and Santa Fe chipotle soup. We then sat on this peninsula and talked and watched the sunset. It was awesome. After cider and chocolate, we enjoyed the meteor showers.

The downhill hike was gruelling. We finally made it to Eagle Falls campground and got to the car. Jon and Joe had to go swimming in the creek to clean up. We had a nice breakfast at IHOP. Afterwards, they dropped me off at Oh! Ridge. I spent my afternoon doing some laundry and getting situated here. I made myself some dinner from a frozen package called “stew vegetables,” which I got from the store here at Pine Glen Resort. Dinner was nasty but tolerable. I also got to take a nice shower at the resort.

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