Hangzhou and Beijing

This nearly two-week-long trip started in Hangzhou, where I got to see a lot of old friends at the church. Dr. Shi Peihua took us to Shaoxing for a snack at XianHeng Restaurant and also Qiandao Hu for day trip. My dad lodged a fish bone while having the famous dish at the lake.

Back in Hangzhou, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital held its Academic Week. Dr. Tom Faciszewski also jointed us from the Marshfield Clinic, and we gave several lectures to the residents. The hospital staff took us on a tour to Wuzhen, which is a recreated old town built on waterways.

Afterwards, I visited Drs. Norman Wong and Qiu Rennan in Shanghai. Then, we traveled to Beijing and visited the main church. It was good to see David Hu again, along with other friends. It was my first time to the Beijing Botanical Gardens, and it has become one of my favorite places in Beijing. Much of the city has changed, but the old parts still retain that timeless charm.

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