Dominican Republic

2005-04-15-175608-IMG_9761On Sunday a week ago, Scott and I arrived in the Dominican Republic. After a long travel night and day, we went for a run, which felt really good. That evening, we had dinner at Café Bellini. Their arugula portabello salad and spinach ravioli were really good.

The next day, we went early to meet Terry at his place. It was a nice setup. After breakfast, we headed into the OR and took care of the patients: with distal radius malunion and another with bilateral polydactyly. After a quick lunch, we headed to the CURE hospital where Scott works. I saw some patients in clinic and also booked some surgeries. Steve came and joined us. There was a medical student who had a left small finger proximal interphalangeal joint contracture who had undergone release several weeks ago. She had developed necrosis of the skin flaps.

Steve and I went to Terry’s place and did more cases on Tuesday. Scott’s container arrived in the evening, and we were up late unpacking it, both at his house and at the CURE hospital. Getting the C-arm out was the biggest ordeal.

Over the next few days, we did more hand cases, including a polydactyly revision, rotational osteotomy, wrist fusion, scar contracture release, and pollicization. Caleb helped out on many organizational tasks.

On Sabbath morning, I walked to church. People there were very well-dressed. Afterwards, we took the buss up to Caberete, where Scott and I worked on Tolerances and finished the editing. This felt like a major accomplishment.

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