Christmas Events

Several events this weekend helped usher in the holiday season.

Last night, Roger and Donna Hadley opened their beautiful home for a Christmas meal, and afterwards, all of us were treated to a dramatic interpretation of It’s a Wonderful Life performed at the Lifehouse Theater as directed by Wayne Scott. The message blessed each of us.

Today, the Medical Center operating room potluck took place at Jolene’s home. The warm afternoon sun made sitting in the newly landscaped backyard very pleasant. With the sushi chef catered by Wayne Cheng, we had plenty of food.

The East Campus peri-operative staff held a Christmas party at the Arrowhead Springs Resort. After dinner, the awards ceremony was meaningful, but the best part were the credits, where they impersonated so many of the doctors. Then, we had a small music program. The angklung and voice choir involved so many people, and it was definitely the highlight. Also, Wayne Shepperd came as a special guest to sing O Holy Night and Go, Tell It on the Mountain. To close the evening, Austin Colohan read an inspirational story.

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