Almost a week ago, I arrived in Hangzhou, China, where the thermometer was hovering around freezing. The sun was out, so at least, it felt sort of warm. It was a good day to arrive and see the city. My friends Dr. Shi Peihua and Feng Jine came to the airport, and we had lunch together after dropping the luggage off at the Foreigners’ Apartment at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.

The apartment had been completely remodeled, and now, it looks like a hotel. Sherry arranged for a beautiful suite, complete with fresh flowers and fresh fruit. That evening, we were treated by the hospitality of Dr. He Chao and his wife, Dr. Li Hong.

I started clinical work Monday morning, beginning with sign-out rounds. We did regular ward rounds every day. Also, we performed surgeries on two of the days. I enjoyed the teaching opportunities. Sherry and Dr. He asked me to speak to the group of selected physician leaders. With such a broad theme on short notice, I hope that the talk on Effective Leadership was on the right topic. The next day, I gave a presentation to the Orthopaedic Department about elbow injuries.

During my stay, I had the chance to visit Shaoxing and also many scenic areas around Hangzhou, including the botanical garden, Long Jing Manor (themed like a scholar’s residence from long ago), and Song dynasty city. The most special thing was the arrival of snow on Tuesday. Whiteness blanketed the city, and snow topped the gnarled branches of flowering plum trees that were decorated with buds and blossoms. Then, it snowed for a straight three days and three nights. The most beautiful scenes are of traditional architecture, with dark wood and black tiles in stark contrast with the glistening white snow.

Now, this trip to Asia takes me to Bangkok, from freezing snow to the steam sauna of 90°F. Hopefully, it won’t be too miserable. Anyhow, it will be good to visit; it has been a long time since my last trip to Thailand.

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