2012 Commencement Day Events

Commencement is, and has been, the highlight of Memorial Day weekend. This is no different, and luckily, cool weather settled in for the few days surrounding graduation to give us all relief from the unusually early heat.

Joan Lunden gives the commencement address—titled Creating a Legacy of Purpose—sharing from her own experiences and of those whose lives were touched by her father. She recounts her path to success. “Whenever you’re asked if you can do something, just say yes.” Opportunities for success, she explains, never come labeled as such.

Dick Hart confers degrees on the graduates, and they receive their diplomas. Gary Barker leads the graduates and all physicians in reading the Loma Linda University School of Medicine Physician’s Oath.

At the conclusion of the program, chaotic mingling happens. It’s good to see everyone. Then, there is party-hopping.

We end the day in Temecula, at the Vineyard Rose Restaurant of the South Coast Winery, Resort, and Spa, finishing off the evening with a shared crème brûlée for Andy’s birthday.

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