Black Canyon Paddle

We had a really good trip this past weekend. It’s my sixth time to the Black Canyon below Hoover Dam, and some people’s first time.

We arrived late Friday night after leaving from work. Brad arrived at the campsite first, and there were several more cars that came afterwards. Corey’s car pulled in around 2 am. The next morning, we packed up at the Hacienda Hotel and were dropped off at the base of Hoover Dam. After launching, we spent some time in the sauna cave and also at the waterfalls in the next canyon. After having lunch there on the sandbar, we paddled to Arizona Hot Springs, set up camp at White Rock Beach, and then went for a long soak.

Most of the time, the sky was overcast. Sunshine peaked through only on a few occasions, and that evening on the river, it sprinkled a little bit, mainly a few drops. After dinner, we sat around the fire while Rob and Chris gave us a special number O Come, O Come, Immanuel. Craig gave a nice message about God being with us and how he came to live among us. Then, the sky lit up with all the stars (and the lights from Vegas).

After a long breakfast and another drawn out soak, we pulled out of Arizona Hot Springs and paddled downriver. We made a lunch stop, where Brad cooked up some Johnnie cakes. Then, some of us took a tour of the catwalk before heading down to Willow Beach for our pickup. The last paddlecraft pulled in at 2:58 pm—two minutes ahead of the pickup time.

The group split up on the way back. Our car stopped by Chipotle for dinner.

On the river: great weather. Back home: pouring rain.

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