Pond Construction Progress

Today, the high was 106 degrees F. Anyhow, it was a day for outdoor work, wrestling boulders into place around the pond. The depression had been excavated already, and months ago, I helped my dad with a homemade water level to figure out the elevation of the entire perimeter. After filling up the pond to within six inches of the intended level, we saw that we were right on.

The day started out with a 4.5-mile run through Loma Linda this morning, just as the sun was coming up over the San Bernardino mountains. After a quick breakfast, I put on my Keens and headed down to the pond to tidy up all the edges—shoveling dirt, stacking rocks, and situating boulders

After a long day, I treated myself to a nice swim to wash off the accumulated dirt and sweat. I jumped in, rinsed, and then realized how rough the rocks were. I had worn off my fingerprints, the worst one being on my left index finger. Nevertheless, I enjoyed chance to splash.

Tomorrow, my dad will put a ball valve on the skimmers’ intake pipe and continue filling to the proper level.

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