The pathways project is becoming more rewarding as many of its parts are taking shape. The project is going slowly though, since it’s mostly done piecemeal, an hour here and an hour there, mainly after work.

The first part was the path along the hillside along the south bank of the pond. Here, large boulders form retaining walls. I made stone steps and a small beach area. Then, a new path meanders through the area under the willow trees by the north bank. I placed plastic root barrier sheets around parts of each willow tree and the same for a birch tree. Then, a small gravel patio wedges up against a berm of bamboo which will hopefully become a tall hedge. Between this and the pond, sprinkler systems will irrigate a lawn, and the drainage basin will carry away excess runoff. I also ran drip lines to the bamboo, trees, and shrubs.

This evening, I did rough leveling of the patio area for the granite table and benches. Eventually, the bamboo hedge will provide midday and afternoon shade.

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