Fall Colors

Although fall started nearly two months ago, yesterday felt like the first day. The sun hid from view and caused a drop in the thermometer. I was indoors most of the day performing surgeries.

Today, I have the chance to take the stroll outside. Patchy clouds meld together to form this impenetrable layer even though a light breeze stirs it. After a somewhat wet several weeks, the leaves actually show some fall color. This seems more apparent than most years. Several of the trident maples and Palo Alto sweetgums boast an intense red. The stands of zelkova trees along the western driveway blaze in orange. But this being southern California, most things turn yellow. This includes the goldenrain trees, tulip trees, and a staccato selection of bamboo leaves. My favorite are the gingko trees, where the leaves are symmetrical fans that droop delicately from the tracery of branches before dropping to blanket the dark earth below.

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