Tiramisu in Shot Glasses

Assembling this dessert in shot glasses is similar to making tiramisu in a pan. The only problem was that all the stores were out of ladyfingers. Apparently, those ladyfingers are seasonal.

This time, instead of using store-bought ladyfingers, I made them into disks instead of fingers: separate the yolks from the whites, beat each separately, making sure the whites form stiff peaks; fold in sifted flour and baking powder; pipe onto parchment paper and bake.

The rest was just putting everything together: layer espresso-dipped ladyfinger disks, zabaglione with mascarpone cheese, whipped heavy cream, repeat, and top with dark chocolate.

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  1. Hello Danny,

    Could I ask you a question about Guqin making? If you have a suitable email address?

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