Dogwood Camp

Close to Lake Arrowhead, Dogwood Campground is a convenient getaway. We arrive just in time to set up before dark. After dinner, it gets a little cold. As we prepare to go for a walk along the lake shore, Yan pulls out the little monkey fleece overalls. Daphney looks so cute in this outfit.

Every morning after camping, Daphney is happy; and this morning is no different. I love watching her follow the rhythm dawn, stirring as the sky lightens.

In our cast iron skillet, we make breakfast croissants. Then, we pack up and head out along the Rim of the World Drive. This morning, we get to take in the panoramic sea of clouds covering the San Bernardino valley. Before heading down, we tour Keller Peak and the fire lookout. The nearby Children’s Forest will have to wait for the next trip up here.

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