Making Arrows

With my recently completed reflex deflex bow, I decided to make a set of arrows. For these, I used Port Orford cedar, cut them to the right length to match the bow weight, and attached target points. Fletching was time consuming but easier than expected.  

Reflex Deflex Bow

It took about a month, starting September 6. Actually, it has taken much longer to get to this point. I began trying to make a Chinese horn bow, but the inner mulberry wood, harvested from our back yard, and the warped water buffalo horn gave way and the bow delaminated.…

Morning Rabbit Shoot

On my way to work, I spotted this rabbit outside the fence beyond the driveway. I ran back inside, strung up my bow, loaded and arrow, and nailed it.

Courtyard Rabbit Shoot

This rabbit looked like it was having a hard time figuring out how to get out of the courtyard. Being stunned by confusion, it turned out to be an easy target. Within an hour of being shot, ants converged on its eyes.

Rabbit Hunt

The rabbit pests are out, and they seem to be multiplying more and more. My fiberglass recurve bow from college days still works well.