Summer BBQ

With just-harvested garden vegetables, it’s the perfect time for a barbeque with friends. On the menu: Salads      Potato salad      Tomato, onion, cucumber salad, feta cheese on the side From the Grill      Herb lemon butter corn on the cob      Garlic thyme artichokes      Lemon garlic asparagus      …

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Cabinet Construction

Of the three springtime building projects, this cabinet was the first to get done. The stairs down into the pond pump and filter vault needed to be concealed, and I thought a cabinet would both be functional and aesthetic. Starting in May, I bought some redwood lumber to supplement the …

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SBCMS Installation of Officers 2014

It was great to catch up with Dr. Ken Lane, who, along with Dr. Bangasser, introduced me to San Bernardino County Medical Society when I was a student. Tonight, I felt honored to be joined by my family, colleagues from Loma Linda University Health, and representatives from the medical community. …

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Montreal AOA/COA Meeting

There was little time to explore the city during this year’s combined American and Canadian Orthopaedic Associations’ meeting. From the reviews, the Emerging Leaders Program was another success. I also learned a lot from the Council of Orthopaedic Residency Directors (CORD), where there were many take-home messages on resident assessments, …

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Goodbye, ’Ma

My grandma comfortably passed away four days ago at the age of 90. The guqin piece below, Evening Call of the Raven 烏夜啼, is dedicated in her memory. * * * * * ’Ma was born April 19, 1924, the sixteenth day of the third lunar month, year of the …

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California Orthopaedic Association in Monterey

This year’s California Orthopaedic Association took place in beautiful Monterey. Hutch Huddleston and Leslie Kim put together a nice program, beginning with practice management topics. The Saturday night gala at the Poppy Hills Golf Course featured guitar and steel drum—Caribbean Extravaganza. On Sunday, we participated in the “What’s New in …

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Zhao Xing Completes Special Fellowship

Having been here for just over a year, Dr. Jay Zhao completes fellowship training in orthopaedic surgery. In last twelve months, he gained a well-rounded experience in all the subspecialties with special emphasis on sports medicine. Also, he developed a deeper understanding of graduate medical education in the United States, …

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The 100th School of Medicine Commencement

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! This is the 100th School of Medicine graduation. Richard Hart, Roger Hadley, and Ron Carter presented the awards. Distinguished Service Award: John W. Mace, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, LLUSM Class of 1978 Distinguished Service Award: Clifton Reeves, Professor of General and Trauma Surgery, CME/LLUSM …

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Baccalaureate Service

This church service featured the graduating school of medicine class. Pastor Charles White, great grandson of Ellen White, relayed personal stories of his family and of how Loma Linda University came to be.

Consecration and Hooding Ceremony

Another special year and congratulations to all the graduates! The tradition of baby cups continues, but this year, Roger and Donna Hadley updated the rule to include babies that are in the third trimester. Scott Nelson and Elaine Hart coordinated the hooding while Henry Lamberton and Tami Shankel read student …

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Michael’s Farewell

Michael Xu came over from the Children’s Hospital in Hangzhou for fellowship training pediatric cardiothoracic surgery. Having spent a year in Loma Linda, he’s ready to return to China with new skills.

Cedar Planked Salmon

My uncle brought us salmon from the northernmost California coast. Having extra cedar planks from a yard project, I had what I needed for cedar planked salmon. After planing the planks, I soaked them for two hours in water. In the meantime, I skinned the salmon, chopped garlic, grated ginger, …

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Through A Doctor’s Lens

The Redlands Art Association Gallery opened the “Through A Doctor’s Lens” exhibition with a reception this afternoon. Barbara Hernandez, Director of Physician Vitality, painstakingly put together this collection of photographs taken by doctors at Loma Linda University. “Both creative and altruistic endeavors have long been known to enhance physician resilience …

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Flowing Waters

Launched into space in 1977, the Voyager Golden Record, with a rendition of Flowing Waters 流水 by Guan Pinghu 管平湖, flew past Pluto’s orbit, left the edge of our solar system, and entered interstellar space.

My teacher, Lui PuiYuen 吕培源, reintroduced me to this piece. While dating to some time in remote antiquity, this rendition, with 72 gunfu 滾拂 rolls, is attributed to Zhang KongShan 張孔山 of the Sichuan school from the late 19th century.

I find the middle sections the most interesting. Starting from the beginning, though, the opening measures seem to depict the grandeur of majestic peaks. Then, a flutter of harmonics, repeated in octave intervals, along with glissandi, conjure up images of a small trickle, perhaps from fresh snowmelt. Among the towering peaks, rivulets carve channels. They coalesce into a roaring river, with churning waters bursting the banks. Again, droplets of harmonic glissandi spray the listener who sits near the cascading stream. The music broadens as the river widens into an alluvial fan on its way out to sea.

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2014 Match Day

“Congratulations, you have matched!” That’s what every senior medical student wanted to see this week, and indeed, it has been a chaotic week filled with anticipation, hope, and dreams. This morning, starting with the ceremonial handing out of envelopes, a toast, and a countdown, the graduating class opened their envelopes …

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Three Variations of the Plum Blossom Theme


The Chinese plum trees have burst into pink clouds over the past week, putting on a show of fully-double flowers. These blossoms make a perfect accompaniment for this wintry new year season. Over millennia, the plum blossom held captive the Asian imagination. Blooming in winter, it evokes the virtues of …

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This is the tiramisu made from a combination of recipes. After sampling many variations, and having a problem with raw egg, this turns out to be the best version without the Salmonella. In a saucepan, whisk egg yolks with sugar; then whisk in milk. Cook over medium heat while whisking …

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