Montana and Colorado

Even though I had gotten up at 3:30 am and arrive at ONT on time, I’m too early; the plane has a mechanical problem, and the airline takes an hour to fix it. It would have been nice to sleep in. Luckily, I make it to Denver just in time …

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School of Medicine Graduation Weekend

This weekend’s events, with the Baccalaureate sermon by Leslie Pollard and Commencement address by Jeff Cao, and the story of the Good Samaritan, were a wonderful reminder and challenge to live a life of service. Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked …

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Post-Meeting Sightseeing in Istanbul

Part 3 I visit the church in Beyoğlu on Saturday morning, enjoying the fellowship and the lunch. I even tried out the organ in the balcony. Back at the Çırağan Palace, a wedding is taking place out along the Bosphorus while we party at the ABJS banquet. Ed hands the …

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ABJS Meeting in Istanbul

Part 2 At the Çırağan Palace, we hold the first business meeting that afternoon and the welcome reception that evening. The sponsors introduce the new members. The next day starts the scientific session. I got my paper out of the way. Then, a group of us went on the Ottoman …

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Istanbul Pre-Meeting Tours

Part 1 My first full day takes me into the heart of old town, Sultanahmet, to visit the Underground Cistern, the Hippodrome with the Egyptian Obelisk and the Column of Constantine, and the Blue Mosque. Originally, my plan was to visit the Hagia Sophia first, but the lines are too …

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California Orthopaedic Association 2013

This year’s California Orthopaedic Association was held at the Terranea Resort and Spa. The COA sponsored two residents from our program: Jon Allen and Wendy Wong. Amy Ladd invited me to speak on Carpal Injuries and Hand Infections.

Birthday and Trip

This particular birthday started over a week ago. My family brings me to Mario’s Place for dinner before I head off to LAX. The trip takes me across the Pacific to Hong Kong, into China, and then up to the mountainous region in Yunnan, near the borders with Tibet Autonomous …

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St. Anne’s Fugue

Because of the first theme’s similarities to the hymn “O God, Our Help in Ages Past,” Bach’s Fugue in E-flat Major (BWV 552/2) is known in the English-speaking world as St. Anne’s Fugue, even though this hymn would not have been known to composer. The contrapuntal form typifies fugue construction, …

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Springtime 2013

Once again, it’s springtime. With the increased rainfall this season, the plants appear happy. Over the last month, I’ve been photographing the coming-to-life of the garden, starting with bursts of pink from the flowering peaches, then sparkle of yellow forsythia blossoms, and now the elegance of purple wisteria and red-fringed …

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Thinking of an Old Friend

This piece, YiGuRen 憶故人, Thinking of an Old Friend, is a relatively recent composition. Although melodically simple, the tune is layered in complex meaning. It starts out with harmonics that set the mood before delving into the main section. This part begins abruptly, as if with a flutter of emotions …

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Tune of the Sea Dragon

This melody has two titles: Tune of the Sea Dragon 滄海龍吟 and Night Rain on the Vast River 滄江夜雨. The former name is more well-known, and it is attributed to the Three Kingdoms strategist, Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮, who is also known as Kongming 孔明 and the Sleeping Dragon 臥龍. Originally …

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Lament at Changmen Palace

This version of Lament at Changmen Palace 長門怨 is from the Mei’an Guqin Manual 梅庵琴譜 of 1931, but the melody is from centuries earlier. The accompanying story, however, dates from the Han Dynasty. When Liu Che 劉徹 ascended the throne in 141 BC and became Emperor Wu of Han 漢武帝, …

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Photo Workshop with Jim

Jim Ponder, Publications Editor and Writer for Loma Linda University, ran a photo shoot excursion to Crystal Cove. Despite the cold weather, the clouds, sky, and all the other natural elements gave us so many subject possibilities.